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    To search for luminaires select PRODUCTS and insert the reference, parts of the reference (e.g. D.30785.HQ26 or 30785.HQ) or the product name (e.g. yori, bisio); to search for tracks, mounting rails, accessories and optics select PRODUCTS and insert the reference or parts of the reference (e.g. 0.35081.0000 or 35081).

    Fairmont Quasar

    Rising over the slopes of the Bosphorus, surveying centuries of history, yet silhouetted against the modern skyline of Istanbul, the Fair...


    Reggiani Design Team

    Reggiani culminates its deeplyrooted knowledge, a purposeful design ethos, international industry experience and family heritage to conve...


    The illumination collective

    We are Open

    We are open-minded, accessible and globally connected. We support our clients at every step of their ...

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    Channels and profiles


    The aluminium rails are availble in the surface or recessed trimless versions and have been specifically designed for Yori Channel and Yori Channel Arm families. Thanks to the highly compact size, the projector discreetly blends into any surrounding.
    The range is completed by extruded aluminium profiles to be integrated in the ceiling and smoothed. Tailor-made for the Yori Edge family, they're availble in linear, corner and T modules.

    Recessed channel
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    Surface and suspension channel
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