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    To search for luminaires select PRODUCTS and insert the reference, parts of the reference (e.g. D.30785.HQ26 or 30785.HQ) or the product name (e.g. yori, bisio); to search for tracks, mounting rails, accessories and optics select PRODUCTS and insert the reference or parts of the reference (e.g. 0.35081.0000 or 35081).

    Incline Brochure

    We are happy to present the new Incline Brochure: an extensive presentation of our new Incline System, with project simulations, technical specifications, many design details and a code summary. Inside the Incline brochure you can find: 1...

    Incline Brochure

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    Mood Pro

    Mood Pro is the evolution of our architectural range of downlights. The Pro series has same design of the standard Mood and is available in the same sizes. It boosts new lumen packages and optics including a Tunable white dimming range from...

    Mood is Pro

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    Product collections 2020

    We present a new collection of exclusive products inspired by its creative and design approach: abstraction, a process of removing non-primary details that aims to maintain essential design by focusing only on the functional features of a product....

    Product Collections 2020

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    Yori Pro

    Yori is Pro

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